• Nemui-hime

    Feeling Sorry

    February 7, 2015 by Nemui-hime


    Ahhh... I haven't been to wikia in a long time. Well, not a reeeaaaalllyyy long time, but I haven't done anything in 2 months I think. I feel like terrible admin, I haven't been able to maintain my wikis lately.  :(   I'm slow when it comes to adding info on characters and summarizing episodes or chapters. Like it really takes a while, 'cuz I think a lot about how I'll write this and that in a way that its not annoying to read. 

    Ahh~ I'll try harder this year! I promise... Wooohhoooo another new year's resolution haha...


    Seriously though, I'll do my best to fix my wikis! All of them hahah! But maybe most of them will come during March, 'cuz school is so stressfull. I actually cried while doing a project just a…

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