Hi everyone, I'm the new admin Kusuo1412 and I've recently been editing stuffs on the wiki. As I've seen, there are great contributors on the wiki which is really great but I would like to point out somethings about it.
As a registered user, you are able to:

Loging in
Having an account gives you extra abilities and features that un-registered users do not have access to.

As a registered user, you are able to:

  • Keep track of your contributions
  • Contribute to wikis that don't allow IP editing
  • Follow your favorite articles and receive notifications about page updates
  • Create a user page and communicate with other on your talk page or message wall
  • Personalize your preferences to tailor the functionality of Wikia to your needs and customize your personal stylesheet to change your view of communities.
  • Upload photos and rename pages
  • Get badges and achievement points

I've seen some articles that are loaded with redundant info. Creating rules/rubriks on images, articles, etc will prevent any fights about it in the future. I'll be editing this later after I've thought of rules.

  • Comments
  • Images
  • Chat box
  • Articles
  • Templates
  • Blog posts/forum

If you have anything to add to this list or comments about it, feel free to do so.  Kusuo1412  Talk WataMote  01:30,8/28/2016 Reality is shit life

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