• Jinzy

    Asuma's POV:

       I felt a sudden beat in my heart that day. When Serinuma-senpai waited for me to wake up. I was relieved and overcome with joy to see her, I jolted up and hugged her instantly. She was so cute, she was blushing and crying because I had woken up. I honestly do love Serinuma, Kae. Everything she's done for me I appriciate greatly, she showed me what love is truly, I hope I can win her over before anyone else does. I'd do anything to protect her. I cherish every moment we have together, whether its with the group or just us alone. 

    Kae's POV:

           S-senpai woke up and suddenly hugged me. I was too overwhelmed with happiness and I couldn't help but cry. I really love him. I'm extremely happy that he woke up, I was really worried…

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