"The Strange Room And The Four High School Boys" (Japanese: 不思議なお部屋と4人のDK Fushigina o heya to 4-nin no DK) is the second episode of the Watashi ga Motete Dousunda series.

The opening theme of this episode is Prince×Prince and the ending theme is Dokidoki no Kaze.

The Strange Room And The Four High School Boys
Episode 1
Kanji 不思議なお部屋と4人のDK
Rōmaji Fushigina o heya to 4-nin no DK
FUNimation Title The Strange Room And The Four High School Boys
Date Released October 13, 2016
Episode Episode 2
Opening Song Prince×Prince
Ending Song Dokidoki no Kaze
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Can She Do It? A Real Life Otome Game
Episode 3




After having lost weight, Kae does extremely well in PE class. Seeing that, some girls from the soccer club ask Kae to help play in a practice match, only to quickly discover she has no idea how to play soccer. Kae has full confidence in her soccer knowledge, but she actually only knows soccer from soccer anime and has never actually played herself. Irked by some of the bad words said behind her back, Nozomu decides to help Kae with her practice, and she ultimately manages to win the match by turning her flaw into an advantage. Later, the group get together at Kae's house to help her study for the exams, much to the ire of her brother, Takuro, who tries to shoo them away by revealing Kae's fujoshi hobby. 


Cameo or mentions: Kae mentioned animes, Captain Tsubasa, Inazuma eleven and giant killer wich she said she was fan of.