Shima Nishina


Shima nishina 65170

Kanji 二科 志麻
Rōmaji Nishina Shima
Age 16
Status Alive
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation High School Student (1st Year)


Class 1-F
Manga Chapter 8
Anime Episode 4
Voice Actors
Japanese Sawashiro Miyuki
English Michelle Rojas
Drama CD Akasaki Chinatsu
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Shima Nishina is a first-year high school student, fujoshi, mangaka, and cosplayer. She is competing against the four other boys to win Kae's heart.


Nishina has short dark hair, purple eyes, thick eyebrows, and a toned body. At school, she wears a short-sleeved shirt under a cardigan and a vest on the outside, along with a red bow tie and a miniskirt.


Nishina is a rich and multitalented high school student, who is extremely popular among girls. Moreover, she is a mangaka whose group has been making a well-known manga series; a fujoshi and an otaku, who has a library filled with books, novels and comics; a figurine collector; and a cosplayer who makes her own costumes for cosplaying.

Since meeting Serinuma Kae at the Comiket Festival, Nishina has been attracted to her, and currently competes against the other boys to win Kae's heart. Despite her competition with the boys, however, Nishina often joins the boys in situations where Kae is in trouble. For example, they have worked together to stop Mutsumi Asuma's older brother, Mutsumi Kazuma, from pursuing Kae, and to stop Asuma himself from confessing his feelings to Kae.

In addition, Nishina is very sharp, as shown when she confronted Igarashi Yuusuke and pointed out that he only likes Kae for her looks rather than accepting Kae for who she is.


Serinuma Kae

Nishina has a crush on Serinuma Kae. She sometimes invites Kae to her house to help her out with a number of projects, but her main objective is to be with Kae. She has learned about Kae's hobbies so that she could talk to her about them.


  • She earns a lot of money every month due to her works.
  • A running gag of the series is Nishina is skilled at everything she does much to the chagrin of Kae's other suitors.
  • Nishina sees her rich background as a burden due to people around her seeing Shima as the daughter of the Nishina family rather than a normal person.
  • It is revealed that Nishina met Kae before her transformation, in the early stages of her debut as a doujin artist at Comiket, and with Kae's encouragement, had gained the motivation and confidence to pursue drawing. Grateful for her support, she has been searching for her ever since, but didn't recognized her until later, as Kae had considerably changed in terms of physical appearance.
  • Shima stole Kae's first kiss during a demonstration for Shima's manga, much to her suitors' dismay. This set a rivalry between Shima against Kae's other suitors.
  • Shima usually calls Yuusuke as 'Igarashi' even though she should call him 'Igarashi-Senpai' as he is her senior.


  • "A coincidence that so good to be true, some may call it a fate." (to Kae)
  • " If you call yourself a photographer, shouldn't you carry yourself with decorum? It's not at all acceptable to take photos of a lady who refuses."

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