Episode 1
Kanji TBA
Rōmaji TBA
Episode Episode 6
Opening Song Prince×Prince
Ending Song Dokidoki no Kaze
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A new anime, Katchu Ranbu, or Kachu Rabu for short, has started, and it's hugely popular. Bot Kae and Nishina are elated about the show, until they find out that they each ship Lord x Akane and Akane x Lord respectively and get into a huge fight. After the boys fail in an attempt to get them to make up with each other, Shima challenges Kae to a fanfiction writing competition to determine which pairing is superior. Shima wins the contest in the end but doesn't feel happy with her victory. Recalling how she came to fall in love with Kae in the first place, Shima properly apologizes to Kae and the two compromise by declaring their ship to have a reversible dynamic. 


Cameo or mentions: When Kae is explains what anthropomorphic is she uses exemples, Animals, cars, household appliances, food and even countries wich is probably refered to the anime Hetalia.